The Real Causes of Stretch Mark in Women

Women are very conscious about their skin. This is why, whatever happens, they would see to it that their skin will be very smooth, clean and healthy looking. Any skin blemish can be very embarrassing for them and it can even place them in a high state of anxiety.

One of the skin blemishes that can really bother women are stretch marks. Women really do not like getting stretch marks because it makes their skin look ugly. This is why they will do everything possible to avoid getting stretch marks.

One of the ways to do this is by knowing the causes of stretch marks and avoiding these causes as much as possible.

How are stretch marks formed?

Stretch marks happen when the skin is overstretched to the point that some of the connecting tissue below the skin breaks. Once it breaks a gelatinous substance grows on the tear. Over time, this can harden and take a form on the skin similar to that of the scar.

Oftentimes, this can get really ugly. This is because they can look like worms are growing under the skin. This is the main reason why women are very embarrassed or scared about the way that their skin looks if they have stretch marks.

Growing fast can produce stretch marks

When a woman experiences a growth spurt during puberty, they can grow very fast to the point that their skin is unable to adapt to the change in size. This is most especially true in a woman’s legs.

During a growth spurt during puberty, a woman can increase her height by three to four inches in the span of one year. This kind of rapid growth spurt can lead to stretch marks forming in a woman’s thighs. Stretch marks like these are often not that visible since growth spurts do not happen overnight.

Gaining weight rapidly can produce stretch marks

If a woman gains weight rapidly, the skin may be unable to stretch as fast as the body acquires fat. Because of this they can develop stretch marks in their arms, thighs and even their stomachs.

A lot of fat women develop a lot of stretch marks all over their body. When they eventually lose weight, these stretch marks remain and removing them often requires a lot of work.

Getting pregnant produces stretch marks

Stretch marks are often associated with pregnant women. Pregnant women who develop large babies in their bellies often have to deal with stretch marks.

Stretch marks in pregnant women occur during situations when their baby grows rapidly that their skin is unable to stretch as fast as the growth in size. Most of the time, pregnant women use shea butter to help counteract and minimize the stretch marks that they get during pregnancy.

Stretch marks are something that can be easily addressed. There are many products and procedures that are very effective towards dealing with stretch marks. Women can consult with their skin doctor in order to find out the best products and treatments that would work well with them.

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